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Tao Community Acupuncture is permanently CLOSED. But there's more...

Come see Kimberly Anne Hoffman for $20 - $40 (pay what you can afford) at the Community Wellness Center in Fairfax starting in January on Wednesday afternoons. If you are interested in seeing Kimberly in her private practice she will have office hours on Miracle Mile, also beginning in January on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kimberly takes insurance. The co-pay on many policies is less than $20 per visit, some have no co-pay at all. Please click here to check your benefits. Otherwise private treatments are $50 for 1/2 hour sessions or $90 for 1 hour. To schedule an appointment in either location or for any questions please call 415-881-7865 or email TaoCAinfo@gmail.comOnline scheduling is not set up yet for appointments but will be next month. There will be more information here in the next few days about other community clinics in the area. If you have outstanding 5 packs, 10 packs or gift cards they will be honored by Kimberly in Fairfax. Thank you all for your patronage these past 3 1/2 years.